043MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) is a Jungian psychological assessment based on symbols and colours.  It is a whole-brained instrument that provides a literal snapshot of the psyche.  The inner truth of a person is revealed and the MARI suggests further paths for integration.

MARI is based on the drawn mandala.  Carl Jung spent his life trying to understand thmandalas 032e
unconscious.  When he discovered the mandala, Jung said that “as an expression of self, he had found the ultimate tool.”  The mandala passes beneath the radar of the ego and the filters of consciousness to reveal the psyche as it really is.


What happens in a MARI session?  First you relax and draw a simple mandala. Thirty-nine symbols printed on clear plastic are spread out before you and you choose the ones you like or are attracted to.  Then you match each of these cards with colours.  Your card combinations are then placed on a board that allows you to see aspects of your life as they relate to life cycle stages of all living things.  Together we explore your strengths and challenges and discover new possibilities for you.

MARI is an incredible tool that can lead to living a more authentic life!  Throu047colourgh the simple act of drawing a picture and picking a few cards, you can become aware of and better understand your subconscious processing…and having then SEEN your psyche laid out in front of you…a shift in your brain occurs…no longer are your inner processings an abstract concept, you are now FULLY AWARE and this is where you become empowered as you now are at the helm – consciously aware of how to continue living your life.

How can you experience MARI?

  • Have a MARI session:   lasts 1-2 hours and costs $150
  • Host a Mandala Party:   invite some friends over, only $40 each, draw your own mandala, and have fun learning what your drawings say about you.  I will bring the supplies.
  • Become a MARI Facilitator and have your own clients.  MARI Facilitator Training is conducted in an “Intensive” model over 3 full days – or spread over 10 or more weeks with classes of 2 hours each. The complete training costs $900 plus cost of MARI Supply Kit, and is a deeply personal way to learn how to share this tool with others.

During the COVID-19 Health Crisis, I will be seeing clients on-line only. 

MARI Facilitator Training will be offered on-line only.  The training dates & times will be negotiated according to your needs.  The cost will be $900 plus cost of the MARI Supply Kit and includes a period of supervision.  Contact Sherry Lynn to discuss training options.

Contact Sherry Lynn to Book your MARI or Mandala Party

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